Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm thinking about making a layout. Anyone got any snazzy ideas? And why doesn't anyone comment on our posts?? Come on, I know we have fashion fags following, where ya at?

Hey you guys want to see something really gross?
So this one time, I feel into a fire, and I ended up with 3rd degree burns. Check da pix dawg.
The first image is my hand after they peeled all of the burnt skin off, this was about a week into the whole ordeal. The doctor literally had to cut the skin off around my wrist, and peel away the burnt skin. The second image is my hand with the dead skin, and blisters, this was the next morning, after my hand had sat in the cream stuff (image 3). It was a fucking process. But I am very lucky, and still have a nice usable hand. Anyways, found those pictures going through old blogs.. I'm obviously extremely bored.

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  1. Cierra!!!!!!!!! what happened that day that looks gross luv